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  1. Give it a week and I am sure you will be fine. In worst case scenario you can always DM a community manager or contact support
  2. It may take some time to get your community status updated.
  3. Just kidding ofcores xD This community is amazing. There is no toxic and everyone here wants to help you. Respect to everyone <3
  4. Man I like you already. I was like really sad and now I am really happy. When my organization will rule on this game we might consider not to throw you out of the airlock Again thx for the link bro :3
  5. Gentlemen a quick question about the RAM requirements. It says that you need a minimum of 16GB of RAM to be able to play the Pre-Alpha. I only have 8GB but I have a beast Graphics card and a very good CPU: intel i7 4400 and NVIDEA GTX 1070. If I launch the game and play it with 8GB of RAM will I run into any potential problems? Also will this requirement for 16GB of RAM drop in later stages of the games Development??? If you know the answers please tell me because I will be buying the Patron pack tomorrow!
  6. Thanks for answering my questions, it helped me allot. The main reason why I buy the package is because I want to contribute to the development of this game. This is a very unique game, one that I haven’t seen anymore since a MMO FPS shooter that came out back in 2012. I see allot of potential in this game
  7. I am going to buy the Patron pack tomorrow so before I spend my €180 I want to educate myself a bit by asking some questions to the community. 1. Will I get the Pre-Alpha Tester status on the forums immediatly when I buy the pack or a few days after purchase? 2. Where can I find the dates and times on when we are able to play the closed Beta or do I get informed on that once I bought the Patron package? 3. Where do I download the client or do you get a link to the download in the Email you recieve upon buying the Patron package? 4. Will I be able to create a Organization immediatly after buying the Patron package or do I need to wait a few days after I bought the Patron package? 5. What am I allowed and not allowed to share with my community once I am part of the Pre-Alpha test phase? 6. Is it possible to pay with Ideal?
  8. Because the game is still in Pre-Alpha you have a big chance that the game is not optimized for low end machines. I’d suggest you to wait or contact the devs somehow if you want to know the exact minimum requirements. That is what I would do in your case
  9. Thanks for the advice. But if you know anyone that knows the exact format please let him send me a message as I don’t make the logo’s myself. It is easier for my team to know the exact size. But thanks anyway dude, I appreciate the help <3
  10. Gentlemen a quick question. Soon I will be creating a new organization and I was wondering how many by how many the logo needs to be? ?x? If you know please tell me so I can get my media team to work on the logo
  11. Well not exactly scripting, basically keep it simple by for example do CTRL+F5 to dissable your HUD and such so you can take cinematic shots from a First Person perspective. <- I prefere this option more actually, I’ll tell you why in the cinematic mode idea just a few lines below. Or have a Cinematic Mode were a camera will detach from your character to fly around and make cinematic shots that way, “altough I think that could be abused aswel by spying on other organizations so I don’t think the devs will add that” but all I am asking is that opportunity to be able to make sick cinematic video’s for this game eather by using a free cam or just simply being able to dissable your HUD
  12. Thanks for the reply man I appreciate it allot. I’ll grind some money to buy the supporter pack and thanks for the tip, I’ll keep it in mind.
  13. I am a video editor in hart and soul. I love to invest my time in making cinematics but on most of my favorite games this is sadly not possible or only with certain mods. On my wishlist for this game, a cinematic mode will make me very happy so when we are allowed to share footage of the game I can create some good stuff with my community. If this is not possible or wanted then please make an option that you can dissable your UI and Gun/Tools so you can take shots from a First Person perspective. Thanks for reading and let me know what you think in the comments below
  14. Hello Dual Universe community. I am new to this game since I only found out about its existance a few days ago but here I am xD My name is Scott and I am the owner of a multi-gaming community currently over 300 members big with over 100 average online every day. I want to create an organisation for my boys and actually one lady believe it or not. And I already have a theory but I want to know it for sure. Do you need to buy the supporter pack to be able to create an organization? If I post this in the wrong section, please tell me were to put these kind of questions next time so I can remove it and replace it, I am still finding my way around xD
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