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  1. I'm not sure I've understood your point, but the OP is intended to help me (and maybe others) decide whether to commit money and time to DU. The opinions of existing players' are important and I agree the replies have been informative and helpful.
  2. I'm a fan of space games (played Elite Dangerous MMO for over two years now and, personally, think the devs are passionate about the game and care what the players think). I have been looking at Dual Universe (DU) with interest, but have yet to become a backer. My review of the DU website (including this forum) leaves me with mixed feelings, although I would be the first to admit that I know very little about DU. The concept art and trailers look great, but there are some elements that cause me to hesitate getting behind the game. For example: I was underwhelmed by the pledge packages. They didn't seem of great value and are a tad expensive, particularly for alpha access. The subscription model is a disincentive (although it could be OK if gameplay is engaging and the DAC system works). Live game play appears to be limited ATM (i.e. server time is scheduled for short periods). The "tone" of the developers was upbeat, but seemed a bit stand-offish when talking about T & C's and NDA issues. Even the pre approval of posts on the forum suggests some lack of confidence or resistance to player views (but then again you may think it fair). This is not trolling, just my first blush impression based on limited information. DU could be as good or even better than other MMO's. The reason for this thread is to get your comments and feedback as players. All I ask is straight up no BS feedback, good or bad. Why should a "noob" play DU and become part of the DU community? Its a commitment in money and time after all. What do you think about the game content and mechanics so far, development progress, dev commitment and communication to players (thumbs up or down) and of course what is the player community like. As the actual players, your thoughts as players count and will help others like me. And need I say, keep it nice please as all opinions are legitimate.
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