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  1. see they can always run something similar to planet explores, but less shit by using pre fab shapes when you tab in to what ever work station does this so no matter what you scalp it still fits the look of the game
  2. i personally think purple is the most tactical color so purple is my color
  3. yeah i understand that, i just find orgs need identity and if they look the same because of stats or just because one set looks sick it ruins that so i wish they add that in even thought i do not believe they will unless this chat gets a lot of buzz around the community
  4. would you guy like to see an incredible amount of customization for every armor piece, such as insignias and patches you can put on your gear but the bigger thing i want to see done is every piece being able to be sculpted what i mean by this is some form of menu that gives you like a metal shape a bit bigger then the part it i being sculpted for that you can sculpt down and make it look to your orgs personality to stop clipping if they do it they should have a max size for length and width on everything if this happens to be the case i would want to suit to have nothing to do with armor instead make the modules you put in the suit do that please tell me what you think of this idea and how it could be improved on
  5. i was just wondering how people would like to see large battle ship fights especially what their crew are doing during these large scale battles (would you like for them to rush around like ftl or just fix basic stuff maybe even to go as far as only having player controlled turrets ) because of the way people are talking about the large scale ships and their high crews please tell me what you would like to see in them
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