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  1. oh geo you are marvelous i like you so much all of them are very cool thx a lot
  2. hey geo for Venum Corporation can you create a new neon logo with this picture please i like your work but i wish to change my logo by the new one what you will create with that oh and change the color by big letters in bleu and the small letters in green thx thx for your time and your work
  3. hello everybody i had just modifiate the message of my corporation with our new goal
  4. hey geo for Venum Corporation can you modifiate our emblem for got same effect on the name as the emblem and remove the fog around the name and write under Military Services with neon effect but with red color and slight shift on the right please thx for all your work for us
  5. salut a toi nmare418 Sache que Venum Corporation a une place de chef des Projets dans notre section recherches & développements hésite pas a nous contactez par le forum ou sur notre discord pour avoir des explications https://discord.gg/jWzYRHf amicalement Voltek Président de Venum Corporation
  6. hey geo thx a ot for your work you are very good on that pleasure to cya in game
  7. hey geo last request for you about this logo can you make me a png just with the symbol without venum corp under please thx a lot i am very fan of your work
  8. hey geo wahoo for the last video i like so much this new audio and the logo is more smoother and less electric than the old one thx so much for your work can you make me a small size gif of the last video because i like this render so much thx a lot for your help and your work
  9. hello geo i had make my self a new logo with a better shape inside can you do your job on it that would be nice of you and i am sure that will be more nice than the first
  10. hello geo for the logo in png i can add to my discord corporation but the gif is too big can you reduce the Mo please
  11. hello Geo good job i am very happy in game do you know the process for show the logo on the screen with programming board ?
  12. hi Geo no sorry and i am not good for drawing on the computer that was i had require your help you can edit the logo with your inspiration for doing an other this one is not specially important i know you will do your best i see your work you do all times the very nice logo
  13. bonjour peregrin merci de ton message jai fait le necessaire hello peregrin thx for the message i do the modifiate on my post
  14. Mon nom est Voltek je suis de France je suis le fondateur et le général de Venum corporation nous serons une corporation militaire qui vendra ses services . nous recherchons des joueurs francophone disponible et sympathique pour créer une bonne ambiance et tous s'amuser ensemble hésitez pas à me contacter sur discord voici l'adresse https://discord.gg/jWzYRHf contactez VoLTeK en jeu avec la commande dans le tchat /join Venum My name is Voltek I am from France I am the founder and general of Venum corporation we will be a military corporation that will sell its services. we are looking for French players available and friendly to create a good atmosphere and have fun together Feel free to contact me on the discord at this address https://discord.gg/jWzYRHf you can contact me in tchat game with /join Venum
  15. hello if you can edit a logo animated gif would be very appreciate and nice of you
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