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  2. Are the alpha play tests not limited to a few days? I was under the impression that they only have the game "open" for short play test itterations. You make it seem like its an ongoing thing that you can't quit. lol
  3. Hi! I've been following this game for a little over a year. I'm real into open world space games such as Space Engineers so I'm super excited for this. When I first heard about this a year ago, the price to get into alpha was a little too much for me. But now that its at $60, I'm more willing to dish that out to get in. But I do have some questions before I buy it. Sorry in advance if any of these questions are commonly asked ones or if this is not the proper subforum to post something like this. 1.) If I buy the "Contributer Pack", will this get me access to all future alpha play tests or just the next one? 2.) This pack also lists "x1 Beta key". Would I have to use that key on myself to be able to play beta, or is that meant to give to a friend for them to play in addition to myself? 3.) Does buying any of the alpha packs mean you're buying the game when it officially release, or would I have to rebuy it then? I understand that the game may be subscription based (which I am fine with within reason) but will the game itself cost anything? 4.) Given that the game is all on a single cluster server, how is latency handled given there are players all over the world? For example, if I'm playing in the United States but the servers are in Europe, theres going to be innate latency given the distance from the server. Thanks for your answers and I hope to see you in space!
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