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    Thebega got a reaction from MookMcMook in Is the game machinima-friendly?   
    I like to create machinimas, this game looks epic and maybe it could fit to my "space adventures comedy machinima" I have already a script for - only looking for a good game engine and a wave of motivation.
    I didn't buy the game yet, as I am not exactly rich and I have no time for "only" playing. So maybe somebody could answer me some basic questions:
    1, Is there a free-cam ability? Or 3rd person? Can the HUD be turned off? Or another way to record the image as freely as possible?
    2, is there character customization in the game? Can I create various types of character? (male, female, height, etc...) or even own textures of a character.
    3, are there people in the community willing to participate in creating some movies?
    I have not a big channel, however I have nice ideas  You can check my most viewed video bellow. Alternately you can search for "BEANS - Arma 3 machinima" from my another channel, did it all alone with volunteers voice actors. Have a great day.
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