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  1. I think there should be multiple safe zones, maybe 4 at most, make them all trade hubs and new player zones. But each new player should start with a small craft that can get them to a safe area outside safe zones because there will be a lot of people outside the starting zones waiting.


    Another idea is to have players start in a random area outside the safe zones so people cant camp them.

    This is good but I am still buggered by the idea of this being like EVE where new players get instakilled by pirates and trolls (F*** CODE)

  2. My biggest problem with this idea is that it would turn the game into an RTS. Having npc colonists that work for you from the getgo just doesn't fit the lore or other game mechanics..

    Another problem is that it cuts out a big portion of the early game, where you have basically no resources and have to forge a path to the stars. 

    As far as every player having their own safe zone, I think this will just break the game. Danger and aggression are what will lead people to building alliances and war machines, and if the game holds your hand thru any kind of threat from other players, no one will have any reason to build outside of their safe zones.

    The lore states that the ARK Ships provide full protection within a certain safe zone


    Safe zone will be limited in size, think of a turtle shell. Sure you can stay in it but there's no use in that


    Colonists fit the lore as it states that each ARK ship carried thousands of colonists


    I'm not saying RTS, more like use them as a resource. You'd need to collect the things required to build a mine and such

  3. I think it could work like the United Nations System in CIV 5 with all "important" or just flat out all organizations getting seats and voting on edicts (banning desings, embargos on factions, setting a price maximum/minimum on a recources)


    The only problem i see with that is that in CIV 5 you were completly restriced once something was banned, for DU a system where you can break the rule should be implemented,

    First example:

    Someone finds a way to make weapons of mass destruction ->

    the design gets banned but some mad empire continues to use and build them ->

    the mad empire starts getting embargos and declines to requests resulting in political heat ->

    the empire has to take growing measures to assure its power resulting in a whole lot of new gamplay possibilities


    Second Example:

    A recource/weapon/design gets banned ->

    But its SO good that the creator starts producing it secretly ->

    a black market is created ->

    a whole lot of more gameplay options stretching over law enforment/player-driven economy

    I like it, maybe a deal where each alliance/corporation gets a vote?


    But the point here was for players to have direct say in game design :P

  4. I personally love the idea of a common starting area. It would make it so much easier for a trader to set up a ship targeted to new players.


    I intend to establish early on where all noobs can find me easily for their first products and to buy resources in insane quantities.

    I think trade hubs are a great idea, but they should be player made, not pre-established. Similar to the new citadels in EVE, players build their own markets now


    Edit: Perhaps "Beacons" could be a way to broadcast your hub, and the bigger/more upgraded the hub the farther the reach of the beacon?

  5. Yes I'd like to see data collection and cartography/systems mapping be a profitable industry in the game.

    Perhaps a system can be implemented where it shows you a full map and every star, and each player can put data up for sale on that star, at whatever price he chooses, and others with the same data can lower their price and so on. Data can be an item (Holocube or whatever they like to name it) that each player can only collect from the system once, and once bought it can only either be "Studied" (Giving the reader the data) or Resold by the new owner, not both. This keeps a constant demand for explorers, while preventing anyone from "mass producing" the same data. 

  6. Hmmm. Seems like your asking for a system similar to No Mans Sky, which is another game revolved around the very concept. I mean, I can see the desire for that, but there are some more repercussions that need to be taken into account.


    Infinite items means infinite rarity, which will also break the market system. This will cause a downfall in the economy and break an aspect in gameplay that is vital.


    I mean, I suppose having content that you have to find out for yourself would only mean not using Google, or just play the game at the beginning.

    By infinite I mean species, data on whom can be sold to AI Corporations or such. Minerals wouldn't have infinite types, rather  have set rarities so knowledge on resource deposits would have value, and deposits would have limited quantities so that you will always need to search for deposits 

  7. Personally, I hate games with designated "Starting Areas." They are infested with pirates, trolls and scammers and don't really do much to exemplify the game as a whole, often turning me off to a game by cramming me into a zone with 100 12 year old's (Need I say more?)


    My proposal is this: The UN Built thousands of Ark Ships, right? Rather than having a planet with 10,000 new players(NP's from now on) I think it should be built so that each player gets their own planet/Ark Ship/Safe Zone.


    They also get say 9,000 "Survivors" or "Colonists" who can then be assigned different jobs in the city that the player builds in his "Safe Zone" on the planet. (IE: Build a mine, needs 650 colonists/workers to operate at max capacity. These "Colonists" could also be assigned jobs outside of the safe zone, but would be vulnerable to attack from other players.


    Once the player runs out of "Colonists" he/she could then gain more by either

               A) Enslaving another planets colonists who are caught working outside of the safe zone


              B) Build/Craft/Buy (ing) some form of AI/Robotic Worker

    Option A would be free at the risk of retaliation from the other player or runaway slaves, while B would cost but be risk free


    I plan on adding/adjusting this idea as I get comments and probably shot down by people with this stuff called "Reason" and "Logic" :P


    -Whiskey Out


  8. That is a valid concept, but it also depends on what the devs are creating. For instance, the universe they are creating seems to already be procedurally generated already, and to create a planet generation system that generates a planet randomly wouldn't be difficult as well, so I don't see planet generation being as much of a problem.


    However, as far as animals, creatures and artifacts, unless they all spawn in different biomes and are random, it would be impossible to not have the information available. As well, making some information, as I'm sure you understand, is impossible without infinite content.


    However, your discussion about planets and stuff on them is probably fine, unless they decide to just go the easy route and do non-procedurally genorated planets, which is that is the case, I will be disipointed.


    So yeah. Good thing to bring up and suggest.

    What I am wanting is yes, the procedural planets, but also procedural creatures and artifacts unique to that planet, so that the information ism ONLY available by getting it off of another player who has been there or by going there yourself. So yes, infinite content is what I am hoping for :P

  9. After peeking into the Library of the History Of Mankind I saw this topic and it got me thingking



    I guess I should start with a complaint.

    In every game I have ever played, knowledge is free and found everywhere. EVE: What is through this wormhole? Oh! Google says its a class X that requires Y ship to get Z amount of money. ARK: Where can I find X dinosaur? Oh! The wiki says it found in Y location and can be killed/tamed with Z amount of bleh. Hopefully everyone understands. My hope, my dream for this game is that that wont be possible. My idea is that every planet, hell every continent is populated with different species and different minerals so that nobody, and I mean NOBODY can just google about how or where to mine a certain mineral or what kinds of animals/ET's are on some random planet. I think procedurally generating species for each planet would give explorers something to actually explore! For example, I could be an explorer that learns of a rare mineral deposit on planet Terra, and sell that information to the player run DU Mining Inc. for a chunk of change, and they would then go and mine said mineral. Or, I could sell research/data on a new alien found in the UNI Nebula to maybe an AI research group?


    In short; I think that everything should be different so that I can't google how to get here or what is over there or where can I find something. I want a game that is different for everyone, so that everyone is unique in their experience.


    Sorry for the brain spew, don't know how else to get the idea out


    -Whiskey Out

  10. Honestly, I think it should be a combo of ingame and physical rewards. I think (just my opinion) that the higher kickstarter payments should get physical items/merchandise, but say you are a pre-alpha tester that plays 350 hours, maybe give them X amount of months of game time free, something like that. It wouldn't dent the Devs wallet as much as physical items


    -Whiskey Out

  11. In fairness, Eve Onlines CSM is a complete joke and is only there to fulfill the epeen needs of those on the board. Let's not forget how "rigged" the voting is by having communities vote brigade for a chosen candidate whether or not you liked them. 


    Fortunately I think with DU, sure, go ahead and run a player council to manage the cosmos in-game. That'd be much better. 

    I know it is a joke, sadly, however a new game would be afresh start and the idea was that 1 person per alliance prevents any real rigging of the system, however a fresh start also means it could be completely different, perhaps a way for the Devs to put out a list of say 10 ideas and every player gets a vote yes or no? Something to that extent. 


    Any In-game Council would be subject to players listening to them, for example two separate groups could create separate councils, but one random loner may choose to ignore both, yaknow? 



    I think there will be fractions and smaller gruops who will join forces. It depends on how Novaquark will challange the players and the goals for big cooperations.


    Maybe you could get the 10 biggest cooperations together, each bringing one member to form your monthly council. The outcome could be shared on a special DU Council channel ingame.


    I´m exited how this idea will develop during the next 2 years.

    I am very excited too, although my complaint about the 10 biggest corporations is the same as with EVE's, the little guys get no say. For example, the nullsec entities control the CSM and essentially are trying to turn Wormhole Space into a get-rich-quick extension of nullsec


    Honestly I'm hoping they put a reasonable limit on Corporation sizes, because like in EVE one can easily grow to be to big and essentially stop any little guys from growing against them. Although, given that this game is much larger maybe that wont be a problem. Either way, I hope the little guys wont be bugs in the eyes of the Devs


    -Whiskey Out

  12. I have seen many EVE players looking actively at this game, and I believe a few things can be used/stolen/borrowed from the game.


    In EVE Online the players vote yearly for members of the CSM (Council Of Stellar Management) The CSM is a way for players to actively have input into the games design and future. All CSM members are players with no affiliation to CCP (Makers of EVE) in order to keep it unbiased. This idea could be adapted for DU in order to allow for direct player input in the making of the game.


    The Council Of Universal Management (Name needs work for obvious reasons) would allow a set number of players, (Preferably an odd number to break ties)  perhaps 9, to be voted in (bi?)annually by players (Limit of one member on council per alliance, prevents one group from controlling the entire game) to Skype (Monthly?) with each other and with the developers and provide input and discuss ideas in more direct ways than just the forums could ever provide.


    Obviously this idea isn't perfect or complete, but it could be refined and adapted to help DU grow into its full potential


    -Whiskey Out

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