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  1. Thanks, i am the discord guy, i wrote this post before asking there and now the moderator approved it.
  2. Hi, i am from argentina (Sorry for the english mistakes) and i'm very hyped for dual universe. However, there is something i don't understand. Everyone spawns in the same safe zone, right ? Imagine i build my base/home in the safe zone or near the safe zone, anyone could just edit/grief it ? I know there are territory units but what if i only want to make a shop/market in an area with a lot of players without controlling a full zone in a planet ? I also know those territory units are very expensive, so a new player will not be able to make his base ?
  3. Simple question : Is dual universe going to be translated to spanish ? I can understand english but these high complexity games are very hard to play in a second language, this problem is the main reason why can't play eve online. I really hope this game will be translated.
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