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  1. DU should setup ah page with http://www.phpback.org Or something similar where you can upvote ideas and developer can mark some for development or consideration. Space engineers did that recently and I think it's very usefull https://feedback.keenswh.com/category/general-gameplay/feature-suggestions
  2. I did not found any infos about shields so here is an idea how I would like to see it in the game (kind of) I hope it does not have a component that shields the hole ship. The shield should have some kind of radius where it has effect. If voxels are place to far away from the shield generator it will have no effect. The power consumption should be high in a idle state and increase even more if more damage has to be blocked. This would add a lot of depth to the game because the player has to decide which shields to activate or deactivate. For example if a
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