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  1. <Late to the party of in-game voice>.

    Although I would love ranged base sound system for environment although also as well as player voice system to be in some radius, how far x player from 100m can't hear.


    So anyone between 1 meter ~ 30 meter can hear the voice clearly. (we can test this out, if it gets annoying they can reduce  from 30 to 20 or a sweet spot..)

    Cheers :)

    Totally liking the idea.

  2. Welcome I hope you'll have a good time here.


    We are all pretty friendly so that should work out. :)

    Thanks Falstaf and It seems so friendly is too op.. :D


    Hello Mox, welcome to this really new adventure!

    Hello there Alsan_teamaro and thanks will enjoy the adventure somehow!

  3. My suggestion either way back dual universe through kickstarter if you can afford it, those who can but want to pledge gather your friends and family to make one pledge or two in fact to support this project, if you also can't afford it that's no problem folks.

    You can spread the word to those who you play video games with in steam or to youtubers, twitch streamers or other people who's going be interested in Dual Universe.



    Cheers :)

  4. Heyo!


    Good to see I'm not the only newcomer to this expansive forum.


    I started off with a SNES, gotta love that Mario Paint and Super Mario World (I still haven't beat that damn game...).  I only recently made the switch from Nintendo to Sony with my PS4 because of No Man's Sky.


    That's not to say I've never played xbox or whatever though.

    Hello there ShinyMagnemite thanks for coming here to respond and I highly suggest for you to beat Super Mario World if you still have the SNES working and you will enjoy it.


    Cheers =).

  5. Hello fellow friends and backers, I am Mox a passion gamer to specific taste of my own.

    I've been playing video games since I was a kid started of with NES & Sega age, then i jumped off to playstation 1 and experiences was so amazing to be honest.


    I've been following the kickstarter a while ago and a friend of mine reminded me about it and hopefully it will success!

    So today I did made the decision to join up in the community forum to say hello to everyone.


    Cheers.  :)

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