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  1. And now for a little PSA, because I've seen too much of "this" lately: "Please remember: we didn't pay for anything. We didn't buy anything. We gave. We gave so that NQ may, someday, give us back."
  2. Well thank you, good Sir ! I've been working on de-uglifying my little site a tad, yes. The page you're referring to is an archive now: I will not be adding to it or correcting it anymore, since I'm focusing on daily recordings.
  3. This NDA is harsh on everybody, content creators and general helpers alike, but considering the borderline criminally stupid mentions we see here and there, from professionals no less, that vise needs to be kept tight. For now.
  4. So I'm having trouble keeping my lower jaw close to the upper teeth. It makes me spittle disgracefully then painfully bite my tongue and look more stupid than usual, so I'm going hold-the-door on all public writing until end of NDA. It would seem I'm not the only one getting similar orthodontial issues.
  5. So are specs really that much of a hard limit ? It would appear that...
  6. You have me blushing here. 'tis but a scrapbook, really. Also, speaking of cheapstakes: Alpha people, don't be under specs. It will not go well.
  7. Soon, Pre-Alpha will start and the Dual Universe Sleepers will morph into their second form , from the "Dream Days" to the "Alpha Days". The Records will then be discontinued and archived.
  8. In French, "Ducon" is... an unflattering appelation of someone you deem of a lesser intellect. Although Dual Universe is internationally oriented, it has french origins and no frenchman will look at that name without a chuckle.
  9. Funny: with Alpha, Gamescom and PAX, Dual Universe's public life has never been so vibrant and Discord is spinning its mouth like the proverbial potter's wheel, yet community activity is getting all mellow and continental. Are you people holding your breath before the plunge ? Or is holiday's end taking its mundane toll on your dreams ?
  10. The lucid dreaming of Aphelia's "Alpha Program". We're almost there.
  11. Why don't we forget tags and flags for now, and go BOOM together, heh ? It puts hair on your chest.
  12. I've cleaned the Logs of several overspecific/ irrelevant/ unfruitful happenstances. They're not useless, mind you: everything remains in my archives.
  13. Interesting backstory. Which game is it from ? (Before you write any further, may I suggest you read the Official Lore Bible ?)
  14. Don't be a paper empire: - Don't police what does not yet exist. - Keep busy together while you wait. - Don't expect too much from alpha.
  15. The Dual Universe Sleepers initiative is now one year old ! Happy Candle to all of you readers and writers of Dual Universe's history !
  16. The Slaxx and Ardour's falldown was an interesting lesson in stepping-over-the-line, but ultimately, a sorry waste: waste of time, of energy, of actors and of ties. A pinch of maturity would have kept this ecosystem of love and hate mostly intact and flourishing, for the benefit of all. ... And it would seem we're not even completly through this nonsense yet.
  17. This is very akin to what I do. Therefore I like it.
  18. Go to dusleepers.fr for Topics and Records about Dual Universe.

  19. Dual Universe Sleepers is going on a 2-weeks break. See you soon !
  20. I'm updating my Records on organizations and I request your help: could you please check here for your org and PM me the mistakes, changes and precisions you deem relevant to mention ?
  21. So it would appear arrogance and miscommunication create strife and resentment. ... Mindblowing. Though this does bear some links to educative topics, I'd rather look at pretty pictures.
  22. On the contrary, my phrasing was carefully chosen: I do not belong to any org. However, I'll be happy to participate in other outlets, such as DUHS but also Outpost Zebra or Alpha Academy, just as long as they remain unbiased.
  23. So Lethys asked questions. And he got answers. What those answers reminded me is that in the "history" business, be it newsies or oldies, there cannot be neutral alts or neutral orgs or neutral representatives: only neutral people. And those people will have to earn other people's territory access, story time and overall trust through... well, their neutrality, I guess, as well as their patience and their will to follow their guest's rules. Nothing is granted here. By the way, have I mentioned I do not plan to belong to any org, nor have alts on my account ? What I do here, is what I am.
  24. You guys need push-to-talk. The background noises are horrendous. Otherwise, good content in an enjoyable ambiance. A fine work.
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