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  1. Something I would personally like to do sooner or later is work on the design behind the trains in Galaxy Express 999. If you not checked out this anime you really should.
  2. For me personally I am hoping for larger non-pvp areas. I never been a big fan of PvP, played STO for 6 years and never once did a PvP. I more into the building the ships and having more of a real impact within a large universe.
  3. As a large fan of Leiji Matumoto I looking to join a group or looking at starting my own in the spirit of his animes. My goal is at some point work on helping build some of the ships like the Arcadia, Yamato, Galaxy Express 999 and so on. The nature of the group will be reflect the positive group mentality that comes from the animes. Personally I am looking at being a builder to build these ships. I do known those none of these ships are going to be easy to build. The size of them are going to be the key issues meaning it's going to take a lot of mining and protection. As we learn more about the game, and I get a chance to play the game more it may change what position I want to be. Either way it will have to be part group of core players. I always played more of a hero driven person such as like Captain Harlock. I am not sure if I ever played any games with any of you, but I been using the name Harlock or HarlockJC for at least the last 15 years. In the mean time if any of you play Star Trek Online let me know. I will be playing in the Alpha as well. Thank You for you time in reading this.
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