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  1. Thanks Warden for engaging the topic in a serious way. Yes I am aware that eventually people will try to put moles in the society. Being aware of that I have taken some steps to ensure anonimity for all members. For example on discord/forum members are not allowed to use their forum names. The only person keeping a list of who's who is me. And I will try to limit agents knowing eachothers targets. As such I take reasonable steps to protect the infiltrators. Of course I fully expect other orgs to infiltrate but thats just part of the deal. But I dont expect this to happen for some time. Because people being people nobody will take the brotherhood seriously. And I am counting on that. I understand most people want to rule but I have no desire to do so. I truly stand behind the ideals of the OP. Might seem evil to some people I see it differently.
  2. Actually your answers showed me I need to specify that in the OP. The people who have contacted me understood clearly what the deal was. But apparently it cant hurt to be a bit more on the nose.
  3. I think you misunderstand. Let me clarify. This is an alt account. If you look up the brotherhood in the community portal you will find the name Pandamin. Wich again is a false identity. Members who join are not added to the roster. In effect the only listed member is Pandamin. How can the members infiltrate orgs if they are listed under this group... Does that make more sense?
  4. A secret society does not mean that nobody can know they exist. Our members identity is secret. And...this a game. Not real life. I see no issue with having a recruitment thread on the forum. But thank you for your input.
  5. I disagree with you. The way I see it Falstaf calmly explained several times why CvC is not needed for launch. In your opinion that is wrong? I dont know many people in this thread explained why in fact he is right. In fact, I dont know him but it seems to me he was very polite to everyone. Like pretty much everytime he posts. I dont want to start a flamewar but you calling him out as you put it was really not warranted. But whatever this is not my fight.
  6. I think you are missing quite a few points here. Falstaf explained that you can use the forum to appeal to NQ to change there stance. But you have to be willing to deal with people disagreeing with you. Wizardoftrash then explained why NQ decided to keep CvC for later or a stretch goal. In his post he explains why with the current team there are more important things then CvC. And why the road map makes the most sense. You can try to "Put pressure" but I dont think a lot of people will agree with you.
  7. Just a small update. The brotherhood has welcomed its first member. Where will he be deployed? We have also received a message from a certain person offering his help in the future. Beyond that I have 2 invitations on the table to establish tax free embassies in 2 future capitals. Slowly but surely the brotherhood is expanding its network in this new world. A symbol has been choosen but I need to contract someone with PS skills to customise it for us. While other groups go for dominance through might we remain loyal to our ideals. Information is a valuable commodity. That is all.
  8. Ah I see. Not to get too technical but technically we arent the masons. The brotherhood is the root. People have always suspected that there was an unseen hand guiding events. Out of ignorance they blamed offshoot sects from our society. But I can see where the confusion comes in. Btw if you are into this stuff, there is quite a bit of stuff you can google in that OP. My name for example.
  9. I notice the brotherhood is not named on that chart. Good,good. I can see a bright future ahead of us in this new world.
  10. The brotherhood, the oldest surviving mystery school. Shrouded in mystery with distant memories of Atlantis. With the oldest records tracing our lineage back to ancient Egypt. We were the men of cloth behind the temple of Toth. You may have heard of us, we go by many names. The brotherhood of the snake, the knights templar, the freemasons. Perhaps you know us by a more sinister name, the Illuminati. As empires rose and fell back on Earth we survived. Preserving the ancient teachings and prophecy of mans destiny. Unrelenting we worked through the centuries towards one common goal. Enlightenment. The liberation of man from tyrants and despots. Empowering the individual to reach their full potential. Inching ever so surely towards the golden path with each striking hour. We go beyond nations, beyond personal belief even beyond time itself. Truly we are eternal. We are the voice that whispers sweet jasmin in your ear. We are the knife in Caesar's back. When it is the power of the individual that builds a nation. It is the hunger of its representatives that ultimatly causes its destruction. Turning on the very people that made everything possible. The brotherhood is not a nation or a corporation. We are a group of individuals trying to preserve each individual's divine right of free will. We wish to build public infrastructures. So that everybody has a choice. If people wish to join an organization it should be because they choose to do so. Not because they have to in order to survive. There are no rules against personal gain. And joining the brotherhood can be quite lucrative. You see, we deal in information. We instigate conflict profiting from war. We choose to sell it to the highest bidder or release the information to preserve the common good. This is how we gather our wealth to fund our goals. If you choose to join the brotherhood your mission will be simple. To infiltrate and gather information. Bribe, steal, lie and cheat, the tools of the trade are simple. Because this is a secret society, membership is secret. Your name will not appear in any public record linking your identity to the brotherhood. If you wish to join do not respond to this message. Just send me, the count of Saint Germain, a private message. My associate chooses to remain hidden in the dark but serious candidates will meet our founder. (Obviously this is an alt account so my identity can stay a secret)
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