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    My guild has withdrawn its support of the Kickstarter because of the pay-to-win the DAC adds in which we were told very specifically on the KS page that DAC was "set in stone" by the project creator.  Some, understandably, will argue that DAC is nowhere near pay-to-win, but our scope for defining a pay to win game is quite specific:
    According to this very specific doctrine written by our community officers years ago, this game fits well within the realm of pay-to-win. 
    Our guild has had a lot of bad experiences with pay to win and models exactly like this, most notably from EVE where we engaged in Alliance v Alliance wars in nullsec.  After the Plex was added to the game we found the wars came down to wallet sizes as ISK (which could be gained by dumping thousands of Plex on the market) meant everything in a war, from hiring allies, to replacing ships and implants.  Our members are fiscally responsible adults ranging from lawyers, executives, and politicians to labor workers, consultants, and unemployed.  We are a diverse group and we enjoy having equal footing in any game we play. EVE became a cesspool of wallet wars that our unemployed couldn't participate in, and our more privileged demographics wouldn't participate in.
    Our community's officers asked us yesterday to withdraw all of our pledges from Dual Universe's Kickstarter with the following message:

    And that, sadly, is how we feel and confirmed 19 withdrawals ranging from top-tier to gold pledges (we all wanted access to the alpha and had many of our members donated pledges to other members for that access).

    If this ever changes we will reconsider our pledges or subbing for the game if a pledge is too late.
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