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  1. Hello all, I purchased DU when they first announce. I played for a bit and then I felt my first go was just basic learning and mistakes where made.. great, time for me to start over and do things right the second time... and then my first gripe was found... I have only one single character, I can not delete it or reset it.. I am stuck with this guy and the mistakes I made.. that alone made me want to quit so I did for a bit...


    After some time, maybe a year I came back and said, fine I will deal with it and just try to recover and go from there.. and when I log in... what is this I see in the starting city? POP UPS.. All over, advertisings, player built structures... recruiters, people selling their ships like I just walked into a car dealership... I swear; I felt like I was running windows 98 with a bad virus and malware. I was VERY overwhelmed by all of this. 


    Why in GODS name would you allow players to build in the starting cities? I imagined if I wanted to go to their shop I would explore Their city.. go to their plot, see their venders etc..... but nope. no need for that. they brought it to me in my face with HUGE monitors, flashing screens, arrows pointing me left, right up and down! 


    oh and do not get me started on all these abandoned constructs all over the place. I know people been complaining about this alone... 


    well. I am quitting again for the second time, and YES I will leave m y construct on that starting city with all the others as that is the thing to do. But I am sure some people will build around that to recruit more members with their flashy signs and the next ship dealership will move in next to it... its chaos and very dirty feeling. I have to go, this game is NOT what I was expecting and hoping for..


    that is my rant and if you made it this far. thank you for allowing me to vent.. I was wanting a better game and that is why I am angry.

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