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  1. I watched your stream, and I liked how you answered all the questions. It's a pity, of course, that we didn't play some games, for example, CS: GO. We could invite subscribers to play with you. It would be cool to watch you play but at the same time answer questions from the audience. But I still liked everything, continued to do as before. My God, it was a few years ago, and it feels like it was recently. By the way, I saw an advertisement for a site for selling and buying skins on your stream skinsmonkey.com. Are you still working with them? And in general, there are streams now. I just haven't followed you for a long time!
  2. On another note, when we're talking about food, proportion matter as well. I haven't seen anyone say this on this forum. If you're trying to be more mindful about your eating, a scale is a great way to stay on track. With a kitchen scale, you can easily measure portion sizes to accurately determine how many calories and how many other nutrients you're getting. Using a digital scale teaches you what an actual serving of food looks like, so you can eat better. An excellent one is from https://www.amazon.com/Vont-Beautiful-Measurement-Stainless-Batteries/dp/B08SW6F5SZ.
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