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  1. We are a small business startup that is currently developing small and extra small cargo freighters for the external market. You can check out our current operations by VR if you like @ RLI HQ (Madis). Contact Persus or WickedWaze in game name or on Discord at Persus#2555 or NightDeath#8533 if you are interested in joining or want more information. Find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/roughlightindustriesdu
  2. Well I guess that is a work around. But not practical.
  3. I have set up 4 dispensers in the past 24 hours, all have the same RDMS rules applied. Went through normal setup (Set Price, Edit Batch Content, Set time between use, and Set batch Limit). All functions seem normal except Set Batch Limit. When I open the setting it is set to 1, I edit it to 0, programs states success. I "purchase" an item no issues, try to purchase second, get message "Batch limit reached." When I open "Set batch limit" again it is back to 1.
  4. Can anyone tell me how telemetry is suppose to work in the game? Why would I use it and how? Any information would be appreciated.
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