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  1. Uh, dude? are you ok? nobody owns anything. it's a video game. please leave the roleplay at the door. however strange I might find this idea, I will at least try and counterpoint it. When you say own, I can only guess that this means you are then improving the local economy, policing the area, providing support to new players that move there. This sort of thing. But I am going to hazard a guess I think is a lot closer to the truth, you're in a org that decided to setup shop there and you feel that entitles you to defacto "ownership" Oh god.. This such an EvE mentality I've just dis
  2. I see a lot complaining about the current state of affairs to PVP combat, and for the most part, this is all in a testing phase. I would expect it. But in a sense I do get it and understand it needs to change. That being said, I have an honest question here. Are you truly upset because it's difficult to get into dog fight style combat (I've seen the interface, it arguably doesn't exist yet, but I'm trying to polite) with other like minded players. Or is it that you're having trouble heading out and blowing up (for lack of a better term) carebear miners and industrialists. Heavy load
  3. Just sort of mulling over the different honeycomb options and their different inequalities and usefulness. Ok, fine. Gold = PVP/Armor Plastic = pretty much anything else for cheap. A skill tree devoted to tweaking the different units in different ways. so for gold, something simple and small, yet still a major benefit like weight reduction per level. something in the 2% to 5% per level. For lower tiers, perhaps simple things like hp bonuses on setting. The higher level stuff something more along the lines of a broad resistance bonus or even a more specific yet very strong single resis
  4. Put into play a gas giant type planet. As well as add in ship based gas "mining" modules. the negatives, constantly corrosive gas surrounds the ship forcing the use of the repair module. The lower you go or depending on the area you go to, the damage will increase necessitating the use of more repair modules or preferably higher tier modules. Add in skills for all applicable areas. Would almost require the use of an AGG to maintain a proper height while on planet and mine. Ships that stay in too long get destroyed if abandoned or not repaired. The reward could be an entire new area of i
  5. I fully agree. But the times I've tried, it's less the bottom of the mined area that is a problem and more the minute voxels of soil material that get missed when digging out the tunnel. Causes many hours of searching for the tiny pixel that hanging up the mining cart. I've sort of given up on that track for that purpose.
  6. The logistics end of manufacturing is.. well... a work in progress to be sure. I was hoping maybe an alternate solution might be to allow transfer units to transfer multiple items via a filter option. Or perhaps a special intermediary container that would allow (for instance) massive unloading of ores into one container that could then split all the different types of ore into their designated homes. In general the 10 connection limit is highly frustrating when trying to setup a smooth running industry chain. Even with large amounts time spent on upkeep, I'm still spending way t
  7. I'll be honest, I hate the idea of reducing the link distance for mining purposes. At the current max range, it's finally smooth! But I get it, changes happen and maybe I can offer a thought to work both ways. #1: Nanopack tool to allow greater distance. #2: Second Skill Branch to allow for existing range to remain, but after a very long train. Obv. I'm not the biggest fan of shoving a ton more sp into long train abilities right now, but. I do understand balance is key. If I may just say, my reason behind wanting to keep the range is rather simple, on planets withou
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