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    This is the output of a script that dumps all global variables. Lua coders may find this somewhat useful.
    The script was run in r0.21.2 on a hovercraft seat that has 2 fuel tanks and a radar linked. Some functions were called with pcall. The first value indicates whether the call was successful, the second is the actual return value or the error message.
    To see only elements' functions, visit this topic.
    Dumping script
    The script used for dumping is based on something I found on Stack Overflow, with some extensions.
    In unit start(): https://gist.github.com/d-lua-stuff/180707c172382d06d2c80213a1638f66
    In system update():
    coroutine.resume(dumping_coroutine) The script will run for a few seconds and then automatically turn off. Output is saved to Dual Universe 's log files in %LOCALAPPDATA%\NQ\DualUniverse\log
    Dump analyzer
    To avoid having to look through the logs manually, a Python script was written. It extracts the output of the globals dumping script from Dual Universe's log files, and creates separate files for dumped globals and for members of each linked element.
    pip install six python dump_analyzer.py C:\Path\To\Log\File.xml Change log
    2020-09-01. Posted the first version outside the NDA forums section.
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