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  1. this is going to confer another massive advantage to the big orgs that have been running their giga factories non stop. You're making it impossible for single players and small orgs to progress. If it becomes so tedious to do anything alone, I'll just move on to another game. That will be 4 paying accounts gone. A change like this requires a wipe or you remove any semblance of parity from the game. warp beacons are now completely out of reach for small orgs. Without a wipe, the players/orgs with billions of quanta already will not even notice these changes while the average single player and small org will be hamstrung. I'm not in favor of this change and will probably stop playing if it goes the way I think it will. I feel like the first thing you should try is to remove the market bots and see what happens to the economy naturally... then make adjustments. This kind of wholesale change to the way the game works without wiping will just give the dominant orgs even more advantage.
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