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  1. Before this patch was released, I was getting seriously bored with DU. It seemed like there were only three things in the game: mining, industry, and PvP. My experience with PvP in other games has been that gangs of hardcore 60-hour-a-week knuckleheads obsessivey build up their characters and gear and delight in surreptitiously blowing newbies out of the water, over and over again. So, I wasn't really looking forward to that part of the game. However, the industry was interesting. Now, there is a grand total of ONE thing to do in DU: mine all day and all night. Can NQ please acknowledge that the lack of content in the game is unsustainable? If we had other things to DO, like exploring and discovering, we might not mind so much that we can't build our own ships. If NQ's goal is to build a universe designed solely around the desires of hardcore EVE end-gamers, then they will not recruit many players.
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