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  1. There's only 2 threads about that issue, afaik. Both of them suggest it has something to do with editing the config files or some other security-related issues, exclusively. Not true. Don't get me wrong, it's possible that security-related problem gets you booted by admin. My point is -- it's most definitely not the only reason. I was booted today by admin and I've never even as much as looked at the game files. I have played normally, logged off normally last night and got booted today when I tried to log in again. So there. Admin is a human being too I suppose...
  2. Yes well I wasn't aware when was it posted. Point to you there. Then again, is my point incorrect today, 2 months later? Is that what you're trying to say? Nope, because it would be too obvious it's not true... So, it's my turn to ask you--was your line really worth posting?
  3. Apparently it didn't occur to you some people log off now and then to come back later. Makes it kinda hard to see a notification in chat dontcha think? Before you laugh over the stupidity of others, think twice to make sure it's not your own. Just sayin'.
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