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  1. Really trying to like the game but the graphics are really blurry. It's not that the graphics are bad, the image is bad by poorly forced graphical options. Anti Aliasing and Chromatic Abberation are making the game look really fuzzy and blurry. Maybe people used to the soft image by playing all games with full AA dont really mind it but for other this really looks bad and u disabled the option to turn it off. Now i was able to improve it a bit by changing settings in Nvidia 3D panel. I turned of AA on the GPU there and also increased sharpness and i know, its completely insane to being forced to do it like that but luckily it improves the image (a bit) and boosts FPS because everyone knows AA eats FPS and thats why in ALL beta games u can turn that off except in DU... But here it comes.. Your game freaking kicks me from the server for having AA turned off and sharpness increased in the Nvidia panel... WTH is that? Seriously, this makes me mad. I will probably get flamed for being this direct but cmon, fix this.
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