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  1. This is awesome advice, thank you sir. I needed something like this just to get me up and running. I do really want to improve at this game, so I’m grateful for the help. I’ll be sure to put it all to good use.
  2. Ah okay that makes sense, and is a very good thing to know. Thank you sir for the advice 👍
  3. That makes sense. Combat ready material vs non-combat. Why not use the cheapest/lightest for something that’s going to be out of combat. Okay I gotcha. I appreciate the help.
  4. Hmm, that’s interesting. So I guess some sort of middle ground with good weight but also not compromising on hit points. Thanks for the reply
  5. Hey all, just wanted to ask a quick question aimed at the more experienced ship builders. I can assume that less weight is more or less always a good thing when building as it would require less power, and therefore less resources to have the ship function. Having said that, would it be advisable to limit the amount of voxel honeycomb material I use and stick to mostly just the elements to have the ship function? I just don’t want to waste a bunch of material when I could just connect the elements together with small strips of honeycomb and be done with it. Or should it be maybe somewhere in between? I’m just unsure. any and all replies are greatly appreciated guys
  6. Ah okay that makes a lot of sense. I really appreciate the reply. A buddy of mine and myself were super excited for the game and both got it yesterday and I was worried about the crashes. I’ll make sure to leave the starting area quickly then. I thankfully haven’t gotten the Fatal Network Error yet but I’ll keep my eyes out for it. Thanks again for the info
  7. Hey all, just bought a six month subscription yesterday to give the game a shot and I’m enjoying it a lot. The unbridled creativity is super nice. I was wondering if anyone else has had the game crash multiple times. Mine did twice during about a 30 minute period. thanks in advance for any replies to the topic
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