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  1. Actually paid for the sub thinking I would be able to play satisfactory in a multiplayer mode with player run economy and only to realized its more of a new player mining simulator while others are using beta keys for alts for free. Talents are probably the thing that is keeping me on the fence for this game since it takes days to train and not how you grind it out etc. I mean I get that people that backed the game would get an advantage but with the beta keys included and "free" alts to specialized in different things now it feels like its impossible to actually catch up. So far finding myself spending time 10% scanning, 50% mining the rest of the 40% looking at the calc for talents to see if there is any craft that I could automate to make a slight profit to continue building more or if not what is the minimum level of talent I need for something to be built instead of just selling ores and buying off market. I understand mining is necessary, but having a deficit in factory will only means the need to mine even more hence the mining simulator. I do still see the potential in the game with space that can expand and limited resources that needs to be transported to create more things in the future. Would definitely love an account with the additional talent points to skip this waiting and be able to focus more on building. What is really the key trigger that made you quit though?
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