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  1. 14 minutes ago, RumRunner25 said:

    If been contemplating what the player cycle will be in the situation that we have found ourselves in. Do players really quit forever or just until a major update comes along and they buy a month sub and jump in and try again? If the water is still cold, jump back out until the next big update months down the road? I left and came back to eve many many times. Each time with a huge gap in between, I found new playstyles and content to enjoy. I dont thinknthe question is if players will quit and never come back or not, the question is, how much does this all hurt the business case for NQ? 

    Can't speak for everyone.  I got the notice the game went alpha Beta and immediately signed up.
    I'm not one to normally say seeya-bye I didn't 'get my way, but for what I thought this game would be, I clearly thought wrong.
    Group play is fine but I also like to do.. Me-time, being a full time on call working dude.  Sometimes I like adventure and thrill, others I just want to chill out.

    As far as Eve.. much like what I'm seein' now Eve is so terribly disrupted by atypical malicious dev's that I wrote it off completely for quite a while now.  I have no interest in going back to that because it's not even the same game I once played.  And I was a 2005 player with six digit skill count the hard way.
    (No you can't 'has' my stuff, I'm not downloading it again.)

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