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  1. Hey Everyone! I am working on an organization logo with illustrator and as long as I do not add anything "extra" like mesh, flare, or gradient the logo will show properly because it's being embedded. I noticed in the SVG that the sections for those "extras" is coded completely different then when everything is just normal. Has anyone else experienced this or do you have an alternative way of getting those "extras" to show like many others have done. Or is there a way to load the image in via script? Thanks!
  2. I think you may be thinking it's my computer crashing when it is just the game. My computer never crashes I just wanted to point that out. I have seen zero facts throughout this whole conversation. Just opinions. I have stated what I have seen in the years I have been developing which is still an opinion but it's an opinion with experience in the field and most of the time that was the actual issue. Since this issue is literally directed at the districts (areas where you do the tutorial) it would state that there is an issue in that location. I love this game and I am in no way bashing it... however the truth to the matter is that there is most definitely an optimization issue in those areas. You are getting extremely defensive and there is no reason to be... I want this game to succeed. This is exactly what is happening. The only difference is that I am not limited by my my specs. I don't have temp issues they are always being monitored on my second screen.
  3. Unlikely... have no issues on any other AAA games I play. Also once again this is literally only at stating zone where you do all of the tutorials. I have no other issues in any other areas of the game.
  4. By the "starting zone" I mean the area where you do all of the tutorials. Which is the ONLY area I have issues once again. No where else do I have problems.
  5. My CPU is only at 30% it's my GPU and power consumption that is running high.
  6. I do not overclock and drivers are always up to date. My system is way to expensive to burn out my stuff by overclocking. My system is also liquid cooled and temps stay extremely low. I check my Nvidia drivers daily as they are preparing for raytracing. My OS is always updated as well. I literally do this for a living... I am not trying to downplay what you are saying but this is literally my life. The only area that I experience crashes are the start areas. The game starts to have a massive FPS drop (Due to the rendering of literally everything there) then the game crashes. What time is only at the starting zones. No it is not overclocked not worth the money spent on the system. Bios is up to date. I have sent over 40 tickets for each crash explaining exactly what happened each time. Attached DxDiag.txt
  7. Yeah I have tried that as well and unfortunately it didn't help. Thank you for the recommendation though. Computer programs do cause more power consumption. Your CPU and GPU both have a base power consumption when not under stress. That consumption is then increase has the "stress" is increased. Minimum required power supply for base usage on my unit is 520W. Try playing pretty much any game and watch it crash. You may not see if on these forums here but it is definitely happening. Even on their own discord you are seeing it daily. Search their reddit for "Crash" and you will find hundreds of post. Search on their discord and it has over 8k post regarding crashing. So just because you personally do not see it doesn't mean it's not happening because it most definitely is. As far as my development it does mean something as I have made a recommendation to resolve the issue at least temporarily until a better solution is provided. As for the last part you misinterpret my words... if you wish to play this game at it's current state you are required to pay in order to play. Please do not twist my words to try to make a point. When people are having issues I highly recommend giving advise instead making assumptions. It makes you appear to be very rude and unhelpful. I will end the conversation with you now. Hope you enjoy the game and enjoy the rest of your day.
  8. I have to disagree with you on the not a "common" issue... it is extremely common and everyone I play with deals with the same issue. This is only an issue in these "Starting/Safe" zones. The game is not optimized is the issue... a temp fix would be to cut the rendering in those zones. I have been developing games for years myself and I understand the want for bringing in new features... however the issue they have now is that people are force to pay to play this game that is no where near complete. By crash I mean the game crashed not my PC. It is not a driver or OS issue it's a game issue. The game is consumer power (actual power consumption) and GPU consumption like crazy. A Beta game should not be having these issues anymore. I am not saying that the game should be perfect but these two things need to be resolved if they actually want to keep players. We know hundreds of people that have already quit due to this exact issue and that's just the people we know.
  9. You have got to fix the power usage of this game... it is ridiculous how much is being used at the starting area (area where you do the tutorials)... I crash ever few minutes just trying to get out of the area. Reduce the rendering or something in that area... even if it's just temporary until you can find a solution to resolve the GFX and Power consumption there. I have an i9 9900k 32 GB of ram and a 2080 Super... should not be having these issues.
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