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  1. Vestmar Dominion The Vestmar Dominion aims to make an impression across planets, solar systems, galaxies and the universe, and we need you to help us. Regardless of your level of experience we can find a place for you in our organisation. We have a plethora of members in our welcoming community, some with large amounts of game knowledge and others who have bought the game within the last few weeks. We believe that part of our appeal is our multifaceted, international, organisation where we not only focus on space exploration and dominance but the colonization and exploitation of planets as well. This allows players who prefer the first person shooter style, resource management, or flight simulation style gameplay to find a place that works for them within our organisation. If you wish to be part of something larger, more exciting and more engaging, join our discord https://discord.gg/TwB5S2D and speak to one of our officers today to start your journey in The Vestmar Dominion. Alternatively, if you have any questions then please do ask via private message, or by following the discord invite above.
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