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  1. Title: I am living on sanctuary moon and you can't mine in unclaimed territories, would be nice to switch the scanner to only scan the hexagon I am currently in.
  2. Oh man my numbers are way off, I suck at research lol
  3. Can someone confirm my math on engine power required to liftoff the ground? I will share the google sheets link. Looks alright but I am no math wise kid need someone to basically proofread it but for math. ( Mass To Engine Power Converter ) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/194m61B65xFCr5lNP12EF5XK4tbl2qOLDum2xR0cUzug/edit?usp=sharing I wanted to make it easier for me to calculate how much thrust I would need for liftoff / forward momentum without guessing, I hope this correct I did alot of Google raid researching.
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