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  1. On 9/14/2020 at 2:42 PM, Frigidman said:

    This is a 'cold welcome' moment to new users. Especially when new users are told to buy the XS Static core to start their little hut (about all you can make inside that tiny area)... only to find out after spending days making a great place, and they wanted to 'expand', ... and oh ... cant. Have to destroy all your hard work and start from ground 1. DOH!


    Really need some way to upgrade.


    I like the idea of a timer to swap... pull one core out and you have X minutes to place another (bigger) core touching something on the remaining entity. If you don't, then it just all gets trash-collected by the server and vanishes (having an alert timer displayed on screen during this would be helpful to people to know they have removed the core and things will go *poof* in #:#:#).

    This is a good proposed solution, and I agree on the harsh cold reality newcomers face today. I followed the tutorial + overbuilt a bit, then was a bit frustrated to find out I had to undo it all to 'upgrade'.

  2. On 9/10/2020 at 2:36 AM, Volkier said:

    ESPECIALLY this:
    -For the love of god don't do voxelmancy ripples, bulges and bumps on only 90° and 45° lines... Please give us a way to see and erase those metadatas.

    What would take me half an hour or an hour at most on games like space engineers or empyrion - which only give you blocks and significantly limit you to the preset shapes of the said blocks, takes me DAYS currently on dual universe and still comes out messy because voxels keep trying to merge with each other when I'm trying to get a clean angle or corner. It should be the other way round - considering how much more should be possible with Dual Universe engine, but instead of giving us the flexibility and options to mould voxels whichever way we see fit, it's a constant fight against the voxels deforming themselves whenever you place another set against them. 

    Highly agree with the statement in relation to Space Engineers. I could knock out a large GOOD looking hull design in hours within SE in what has taken me about 3 days so far in DU. And I'm still not satisfied with the end result.


    I realize that apparently some people come from landmark and enjoy this system. But coming from years of Space Engineers, this has been a dreadful building experience for me and my fellow friends playing this.

  3. My friend and I have been playing for a about a week now, and today by accident I discovered that CTRL-Double Left Click within the inventory does a select all function in containers/nanopacks. I couldn't find this in any ingame tooltips, we've actually been annoyed thinking this didn't exist and have been manually selecting via CTRL+Left Click 1 by 1 to drag multiple items around.

    This is mostly a "Newbie Help" item, to add it to the context menu where I see there is room left for more tool-tips. Please see screen capture for my suggestion to add this tool-tip.



    Select All Suggestion.jpg

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