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  1. so turns out it was still " a bit too big " or something ? so with your code.. i used this https://petercollingridge.appspot.com/svg-optimiser and now it works ! thank you
  2. thank you . im more than happy that i have a code for it now i appreciate your help . i went to save it and i get " unknown server error " haha .. just cant win atm but atleast i can put it in there now when it decides to actually work . i hope this system gets a little simpler in the future .. it shouldnt be this difficult to upload an image haha
  3. is this okay ? im happy with that , if thats good sizing
  4. thats nearly perfect ! does it have to " fill the preview box completely ? " can i ask what you did ?
  5. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <svg xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink" width="320pt" height="256pt" viewBox="0 0 320 256" version="1.1"> <g id="surface1"> <rect x="0" y="0" width="320" height="256" style="fill:rgb(85.098039%,85.098039%,84.705882%);fill-opacity:1;stroke:none;"/> <path style=" stroke:none;fill-rule:evenodd;fill:rgb(0%,0%,0%);fill-opacity:1;" d="M 122.632812 76.871094 L 160.003906 119.011719 L 197.378906 76.871094 L 224.710938 76.871094 L 160.003906 149.832031 L 95.296875 76.871094 L 122.632812 76.87109
  6. im unsure what you mean by svg i posted is gone .. i can see it there? but yeah so i managed to get the image into the org preview window... but the sizing is all wrong .. and no matter what i do i cannot seem to centre it , is there a particular size or something you add to it ?
  7. so i have made countless attempts to make the svg image work .. i can get it in the little preview box if i adjust viewbox numbers.. but i cannot get it centred.. what is the actual sizing of the svg image used for ORG logos . how can i make it fit ?
  8. so im trying to do the logo for my org .. i have one made up .. its in svg .. whenever i paste the code.. it doesnt work . i must be doing something wrong... can anyone help ? will attach files.. and various others if that helps - also attached just the logo if i need a copy of that for screens? logo (3).svg
  9. got my vote ! tunnels should be dark.. and imaginary light sources and reflections at night are super annoying lol
  10. thank you ! i will have a look through all that and see what i can come up with . sea level though ? how do you manage that when say you are landing on a mountain for example? if its going off sea level . or did i misunderstant that part?
  11. Oh that sounds amazing. Id love to know how to add in only fire under x speed or x height. Ive asked many times in discord to help understand how to do it( scripting is not my strength at all 😅) and i need to be shown to learn. The codex doesnt realllly explain anything properly lol. Im really into the vtol aesthetic. So im not really fussed if they are inefficient or not. Vertical thrusters to which im using atm are useless at slowing my descent until im near ground. Where i want to be able to fire mine on approach etc and throttle down/up
  12. Oh i havent tried that. As im usually always at 100% thrust unless landing lol.
  13. can anyone explain to me how tags work on engines. simply adding a tag doesnt seem to do anything . and im unsure how to remove a tag thats default .
  14. whats the max vert lift altitude ? I easily had them still kicking 1500 metres up which isnt what i want. I need them just to get me up off the ground. Then disable.
  15. mine do work with space. And cut off with c. But i cant decrease altitude once im up. Which is essentially what im after.
  16. How do you make them work with throttle. ? Mine wont turn off at 0 throttle. I could manage if i could get them down. But i only way i can go down is to press c and cut the engines. Lol. Its quite scary 😅
  17. okay , so im trying to make a cargo hauler with vertical atmospheric engines. They turn on. Ship lifts up. But only way i can make it come down is to cut power to them with " c" How can i make them act like hovers ? And how can i make them turn off once im at altitude and moving ?
  18. Its ALL sorted people. Got my alpha approved status on discord , its all verified , and i can continue on my endeavours wasnt that hard when someone actually wanted to help instead of acting like a gatekeeper next time when people ask for help. Maybe dont be so rude. It doesnt shine a good light on the community. Just saying. And if you simply dont know. Or have no intention of helping. Dont comment. @lorail. Nothing you said was correct. absolutely nothing lol. Anyways. Thanks for the help Cya in space.
  19. thanks .. didnt realise it was so hard to just say " only way to get the tag is through a ticket " didnt need the attitude that went with it . great community you got here
  20. because , i should have access to say that i was under the nda so i can actually converse with people who are also under it .. im trying to discuss ship designs with a ship maker for my org.. they cant discuss anything unless you already have nda access... which i should have as i purchased the game prior to beta . i dont actually need the forums .. i just need the nda access as i should have already so i can actually discuss with the people im dealing with .
  21. thank you , i found my keys .. any idea how i can get access to the pre beta forums and such ?
  22. So i have a couple of issues. Ive put tickets in but ill also ask unless im missing something. 1. So i purchased the game before beta. I didnt join any forum though, I received emails for the beta and played the game breifly but performance was bad so i decided to wait. Why do i not have access to pre beta content now though ? (Im trying to converse with an alpha player which i also am. But apparently my account says i dont have access. Which i should) 2. The pack i purchased claims to come with a beta key. Which i also dont have. I checked my accou
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