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  1. UPDATE: For those of you watching this thread, I have news. I have been able to log in the last few days and play. The tutorials are still bugged, but with some brute force and try, try again, I was able to get through them. Seriously, these need fixed. I have place my claim on the Sanctuary moon and have commenced mining and building. There are still occasional disconnects and pending action issues, but it is playable. PRO TIP: if your pending action is hanging for more that 20 seconds or so, re-log. If that does not work restarting the client has so far solved the issue for me.
  2. The people who have been talking about how great their game play was prior to the open beta, has left me with hope that I may be able to log in and complete the tutorials in the near future. LOL. I can say that at least the Dev team is actively trying to work the problems and are constantly applying fixes. I am having a hard time thinking of a game that did not have issues the first week or two of their respective beta releases. I have been watching the forums and the discord. Most of what I am seeing appears hardware related. Again not anything strange for the few weeks of of a beta release. I have to remind myself that even big companies like Sony and Blizzard have had challenges. Always seems to take a week or two to get it sorted. I am still trying to log in, but the que is huge and the constant server disconnects are making it difficult. Here's to trying new things... <cheer>
  3. Not in any particular order: First off, I would expect more from an Alpha Vanguard. What you offered to this thread amounts to little more than being a troll. You make an assumption that I only recently bought into the game. You're wrong. I did not give any details about that, other than I have been waiting for years. I have been following the game and the reports the Dev Group has offered. I have had access to DU for a long time. Yesterday was the first time was able to log into the open Beat. I waited two days for my account to unlock after completing the password reset that was required. Prior to yesterday I admit, I did little more than look around during the Alpha Stages. The game was not in a state that I wished to play. In real life I have a full time job, family, grandchildren, and I am on call 24/7 to boot. When I sit down to play a game, all I want to do is relax and enjoy the experience. I was elated that DU was finally available in an open BETA. My expectations were perhaps a little high, but finally, I can experience the game I paid for a long time ago. I have been playing, alpha, and beta testing games offered through various media since the early 1980's. I am well aware of the how development works, the hurdles that have to be overcome, and the toxic backlash than can come from the community, even with projects that have more success at the launch of an open beta. I am very much aware that beta testing a game involves bugs, more importantly reporting them. As the title says, first impressions. I related my experience the first several hours attempting to learn the basics of how this game universe works. It is obviously complex. Since writing the first post, I have been able to brute force my way through two tutorial section and complete the market Tut without issue. As I am writing this post, the servers have taken down several times while the DEV group attempts to work the problems. I actually see that as a good thing as frustrating as it can be, things are being worked on. Second, my asking for a refund twice was a commentary on frustration. No one can seriously expect a refund request, buried in a forum post, to be acted upon. If I was truly after a refund I would not have spent the time to write a post offering details of a first impression. Enough said. Third, Communication from the Devs about fixes, on discord, are shallow with little substance, for good reason. From what I see, MOST Dev communication on Discord is related to transporting lost players, replacing lost gear, unsticking stuck avatars, etc. All good things. More on discord in a Sec. I spent a total of 8 hours in game yesterday. After the first hour I hit the forums on my secondary monitor looking for possible work-arounds. i was dismayed at lack off attention the forums have from the DEV group, with a game in development. Hence why I spent a few sentences talking about Community Managers. I easily found the Discord invite link. Engage third monitor. Wow, the shear amount of people chatting via text. So much is lost. Tons of folks asking questions, or general chatting in the help channel. Sigh. I asked several times over about 4 hours, if there was any information regarding the Tutorial structures not rezing in. Not once did I receive a response. No @me's, or even a general "we know, it's broke." I also asked 12 times over the course of about 6 hours, using the in game support channel. I never once saw a DEV respond to anyone in that chat. Again lots of people using it as the general chat channel. So ya, communication is poor. Lastly, a thank you to all the offered advice and understanding. The initial post was spot on, it was my first impression of the DU. I tried several ideas that were offered. I did not just throw my hands up and say I'm done, I know what a Beta means. The most common problem I found with the tutorials, was the ground was not even showing up. Often it was me hovering Several meters over an ocean with some fixtures and element also hanging in mid air, always out of reach. No floor. The ground actually did show up twice, but no structural floor, and I was able to complete both mining tutorials with some creative use of the limited jetpack. Not sure if a 1 second burst is all the jetpack normally does, or if that was yet another bug. Guess I'll find out when The servers come back, hopefully. Sorry about the length. I know it is a lot to read, but I feel it is important to expand understanding of the ideas I wrote in frustration. MichaelK's post above is a very good take on the issues. Please read it. (I felt it was to long to quote here.) He has some good insight on issues discussed. Thanks for the replies from the rest of you and maybe I will see you guys around. Hopefully not on the wrong end of a gun barrel. LOL
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