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  1. Thank you, I'm going to experiment with all that. It makes the vehicle behave differently for sure, but I'm not seeing any reliable lateral force, mostly random skidding
  2. I've been trying to tilt my hover engines (30 degrees or so, not 90) and apply proper tags like 'lateral' where appropriate. However I'm not seeing any lateral force no matter what I do (so far). Are the engines "magickd" to apply only downforce no matter what angle. or, perhaps the ground-effect LUA script is fighting me in some way I don't understand. Please share if you know, thanks!
  3. I made my first core, then the tutorial lady made me fly to a market and buy one. Grrrr. Anyway, there's two ways to get another core.
  4. M1 starts on Sanctuary, but the text seems like it wants me to be in the museum still..... C1 has the no-floor problem. C2 started me without floor over an ocean. I thought I'd collect some rocks but looks like I can't keep them C2 eventually black screened for me, says "back to the surface" but nothing is happening.
  5. It was a great tutorial to learn how to fly around in a jetpack edit: All tutorials seem to be working again now!
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