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    gruebait reacted to NQ-Nomad in Beta 1 Release Notes. Last updated on September 8th   
    Hello Noveans, 
    Time for a new update and here's the release note. Dual Universe is now in Beta1 r0.21.3 version.
    Improved minimap rendering performance Players are now able to share a territory with a right-click menu, for friends, organizations, nearby players or everybody [FTUE] Fixed and improved the input reminders during First Time User Experience
    Gameplay Balancing/Changes
    The login screen roadmap is now localized in all available languages Added a new "health warnings” disclaimer in the login screen
    Crash Fix
    Fixed a crash related to minimap performances
    Bug Fixes
    Fixed the ‘Loading rights’ query bar which was visible when looking at a foreign construct from a cockpit Updated assets for harvest rocks and fixed Natron that looked like Malachite Fixed invisible market markers on Madis Moon 2 Fixed a bug where the current core/skip tutorial was not restarted after getting out of a sandbox tutorial Fixed an exploit with Lua scripting
    Known Issues
    Windows certificate is not up to date. This issue will be fixed soon. This may prompt a warning message for new players in the first install. It can safely be ignored Uninstalling the game directly from Windows will leave the game’s files on the disk anyway. Please use the game's dedicated unins000.exe uninstaller in the game's directory for that. This will be fixed soon! Beta keys system to distribute codes to your friends doesn't work for existing accounts yet. This will be fixed in the coming days Numerous French and German localization issues have already been spotted and we’ll fix them as time goes by In some situations, you may not be able to place a Static Core Unit on your claimed Sanctuary Territory. An error message saying that it's too close to another construct is even displayed. It may be due to being too close to a District. Trying again from a bigger distance should solve the issue for now A random rendering crash can occur in some places because of some exhaustion of GPU/driver resource Voxel crash about disk/memory exhaustion [PvP] Slight difference between radar and 3D marker distance displays because radar uses the construct center as origin while 3D markers use the player position [SFX] Only blue fireworks may work for the moment The image upload feature is not accessible via the website and will come back soon [Disclaimer] Health warning message is only localized in English for now. It will be translated into other languages next week  
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