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  1. I'm going to be brutally honest here. Because I really think the Dev's need and deserve that. Let me state that I have been in MULTIPLE Alpha and Beta tests of numerous products over the last 16 years. I know what I am talking about. Also, I couldn't give a rats A** about the twenty dollars. Its not about the money, but giving honest feedback. Also, I think the game's concepts are very good. But that will not matter at all if they aren't implemented correctly. This is NOT a beta. This is an early access. Dev's don't charge people to Beta test their products. Betas let people stress test your product so they can find bugs that would not appear under non-stress scenarios. Also, this game is not in a Beta condition. In it's current state it is closer to a late Alpha build. This game is a mess ATM. Its is VERY un-optimized. Ridiculously low FPS on high end machines. Disconnects. Crashes. In truth, this should not be in Beta. And charging people to test it in this state is going to draw backlash. Do you pay your Employer to go to work every day? I'm betting you don't. Let me finish by saying I REALLY hope this game gets off the ground. It has some great ideas and would make a great MMO. But, a release is nowhere on the horizon. In its current state I would say it need at least another 12-16 months of development. I will probably re-visit it in 4-5 months from now to see where it is at. I Truly wish the Dev's good luck with it. And to keep going. It has a great concept. Just needs better execution.
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