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  1. Well is for sure seems like there will be a currency in the game. I hope they take some time to explain the entry and control of that currency in the future.
  2. Personally I don't mind the concept of a sub based model game as long as the experience the game provides calls for it. I see early MMOs as having a sub fee because at that time the hardware and servers they provided required that investment, but provided an experience that was very unique. Simply put without the sub fee early MMOs wouldn't have been possible. If this game is able to implement the technologies and experience they are talking about I do not mind a sub based model. DU has tech requirements that simply require a lot of the money to create the experience they have in mind.
  3. I knew I shoulda kept going back in the dev blog, I stopped in january 2015. Thanks for the info. Hopefully we get some clarification on the currency issues soon. The dev blog is a little light on where money will come from. I really wouldn't mind just letting the game naturally develop a currency like many others as I stated. The devs can generally have a say in what will be currency simply be designing certain resources to be used at all levels and in large amount late game and small amounts early. I always liked the idea of a market set currency because it can naturally protect from inflation, because the "currency" is consumed to make items. I feel like true currency can be very dangerous. Our use of currency in the real world was only made possible by thousands of years of faith in the system and control by government/banks(example: who can print money and how much can be printed). The devs may have a hard time controlling a currency standard. I guess we shall see. Thanks again for the info.
  4. Found a related topic to currency question here: https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/1137-currencytrade/
  5. I've been looking through the dev blog and the other sources of info on the game and I have two questions. If anyone could provide links to related material that would be great. First question: There has been a lot of talk about buying and selling and this huge economy for the game. However I haven't heard much about what will be used to purchase things? Will there be a currency in the game? If so how will that currency be generated, most games rely on pve elements to generate currency(questing, killing pirates, etc), but from what I can see DU has no true pve elements only player created elements. If there is currency generation in the game how will inflation be stopped? The other option is that dual universe just lets the market decide on the currency. This has seems to pop in most games that don't offer a true currency. Such as using Stone of Jordan in D2 or Metal Ingots in Ark. Generally the community finds a good item to be the standard "currency" in the game and runs with it. Second question: Will resources grow or be replenished? The idea of true manipulation of the environment(not just elements on the environment) isn't something I have seen in an MMO, I am curious how the game will handle replenishment of resources. The game will someday have thousands, hopefully millions of players it seems that planets could be stripped to nothing very quickly, especially around the Ark Ship. Forcing players to go further and further away just to find a place to have fun and experience the game. Will trees regrow? Will harvested ore replenish over time? Will it be so easy to travel great distances that the status of planets around the Ark Ship isn't very important? Are the planets simply so huge and so numerous that the resources will never realistically run out?
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