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  1. Hello 🙂 I wanted to take out a 12 month subscription and pay with PayPal, but I can't. I get a message that I need a credit card for this. Why can't I pay with PayPal without a credit card?! If you already have a subscription model, don't make the mistake of requiring a credit card to pay for it! Let the people who want to buy your product, actually buy your product! Unfortunately, there have been a few such cases in the past, I would have liked to buy a product, but that would only have been possible with a credit card, so I didn't buy it. I can not understand this. If you sell a product, it shouldn't fail because customers can't buy/pay it... 🙄 This is a really bad decision. For example at MWO I can easily pay via Xsolla with my PayPal credit WITHOUT needing a credit card! Please consider that.
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