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  1. Personally, the only thing that could prevent me from playing this game is the P2P model (except if it's really cheap, like 5- € per month). Why? Because all the money I will spend will be lost. >With an Item shop system, I keep what I bought. >With the B2P model, I've got game acces for life. This game could works with a P2P model,but it's really risky. Everybody is talking about P2Ps which work good, but I can say to you goods other models (which are not MMO, I agree). Warthunder is a F2P, adding content like every month, with a premium system (increase xp), and skin system . I played it a lot without premium ( so for free) and it was cool, now I took a premium because I have spent 500 hours on it for free so no problem to pay a bit. Chivalry medieval warfare has a skins shop, and is a cheap B2P. I think the game is really good, I paid it 10 €, so I bought skins. Company of heroes 2 is a B2P and has a skins shop. And there are not more cheaters in F2P than B2P or P2P I totally disagree because cheats package include accounts changing possibilities. My choice is B2P with skins/blueprints/other things ... shop (or maybe find another new way to make money). In case of P2P choice, I'm not certain that there are enough players on this game to take off. Sorry for my (bad) english.
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