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    Sofloan reacted to lethak in programing, a large opening.   
    Well, idk if this will be possible or not.
    What I can see is something like this:
    Plug your turrets and a radar to a DPU,
    you will receive events from the radar like "new <target> at target.position".
    then create your own target prioritization system, lets say by range, speed, interception ETA, etc.
    and for each turret, order to fire if the prioritization rules are all met for a target.
    BUT since the game weapons are not "ballistic" and more based upon probabilities and maths, I am not sure the level of interaction that will be possible with them.
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    Sofloan reacted to lethak in programing, a large opening.   
    You should read the devblog on LUA Script and Distributed Processing Units !
    This more or less what will enable things you are suggesting;)
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    Sofloan got a reaction from GalloInfligo in programing, a large opening.   
    Hello  ,
    I'd like to be able to create, design and program things or why not trade it with the comunity to get rich !
    Those would be some kind of products, programed systems, like automatic defense of a fort, city, base.
    Or even admin acces, Doors control, restrictions, and maybe ability to HACK   terminals that were programmed by other players in order to bypass security, to control the program and reverse the situation.
    By designing I also mean the UI shape would be something you could create or trade,
    So each faction could own its own "personality".
    And maybe something more than the UI, dunno lets talk about that  !
    You would be able to save the program on hard drives, to use it from a "smartphone from the future", a control terminal, a spaceship(anysize).
    Something like that would require a simple langage such as LUA, you'll have to learn sure but this feature could be the opening for an infinite way to scultp the world, and make this place living with tons of interactions, and new paths.
    Its also a big opening for trading(selling programs, AI), recruiting(a member that knows how to program),  wars/battles: victory by hacking devices (etc...)
    You would choose whatever you want to create to defend yourself, upgrade the base/ship (etc...).
    I hope that this idea wasn't already set 
    Thanks !
    I went further into my explanations, to let you exactly know what I meant:
    I was thinking about something more "complex", at least free to do anything.
    Like a turret protocol, choose when, how, why it should fire.
    And something I would looove to be able to do is assembling my system to make my turret: servo motors, power source, weapon technology used, sensors, and hull but with voxels not the furnitures(meshes) they give.
    Then you'll have to script the turret to make it aim right by contoling each servo motors, setup the axis, program it so you can control it with the keys you binded in the program, or even program an AI that aim everything the sensors detect as 'hostile".
    Thats where the hacking is interesting, he change the aim protocol from hostile to allies, tirn those against the creator maybe ^^
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