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  2. Ah okay, well I was just stating that, its totally possible to generate planets of varying size. That is part of the beauty of procedural generation. It's still early some I'm sure its not fully optimized I wouldn't be too concerned about the planets being too small. The big question is how big can they make them without degrading performance. That will likely determine the max size of a planet.
  3. I'm sure that there are varying planet sizes, with procedural generation its very possible. The planet he was located on could have very well been an inhabitable moon.
  4. After lurking for a year, I'm extremely thrilled about the progress with dual! I can't wait. I was a very early backer of Star Citizen and plan to do the same here. Dual fits more of what I want out of a space game over SC so, I'm very excited. Can't wait to see more in the future!.
  5. Did anyone see this part in the newsletter" "One of the big challenges of the project is to develop our single-shard cluster technology for network synchronization, that will allow players to freely move and interact in the world without any loading, zoning or restriction. We have started to run our first serious tests with several thousands of players and so far everything works as planned (we keep a linear load increase). So this is looking good, and it is a major achievement. Do they mean simulated tests? That's the only thing I can think of. I didn't think they had access to several thousand players to test this yet.
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