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    I'm interested.
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    I should have added a little about myself.  I ran a small Diablo2 guild, which then spanned several games with the same core group.  I then joined a large multi-game guild, and held officer roles in a couple of the portals.
    I tend to be a very quiet person, hence the brevity in the above post.  This coupled with not enjoying the locker room talk leads to me playing a lot of solo games, or going it alone in multiplayer games.  That's why i was excited to see your post.
    I like PVP, but prefer it to be one aspect, not the core of my gaming time.  I enjoy a variety of games, and farming for materials and items relaxing. 
    If we do join a Christian guild, the player base is going to be smaller, we will have to find ways to be competitive.   What I mean is that we probably won't be able to compete in say large ship production.  But we can scout and sell coordinates to good mining areas. 
    I have discord, but don't usually have it running.  The best way to contact me for now is through here.
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    Starting a Christian Organization for fellow believers. If you’re an active gamer and sincere believer in Jesus Christ, I’d like to hear from you. This will not be my first time starting a guild for a game (as I’ve been playing PC games exclusively in a competitive setting for 20+ years) but this will be an organization I’m starting from scratch.
    Feel free to message me here or preferably on Discord at mOG#1711. You should be familiar with comms discipline and avoid profanity if you’re looking to join. Taking the Lord’s name in vain and other forms of casual blasphemy are obviously prohibited. Other than that, there are no real requirements. 
    Alternatively, if such an organization already exists within Dual Universe, let me know and if there’s not a great turn out from this thread I may end up just putting in an application there.
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