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  1. When we get AvA combat, how do we expect it to work? Will weapons be customizable like constructs currently are, or will they be pre built? Will it be FPS style or more EvE style combat? (i'd prefer fps) Will health be based on a single health bar, or will there be a limbs system like in Star Citizen? Will there be any food/oxygen system?
  2. As of the current state of Dual Universe (only 1 star system,) I think the idea of "Death Star" superweapons (or even city-destroying weapons) is out of proportion. However, I think that as the size of the map increases, and the amount of cities and celestial bodies increases as well, the idea of using some immense amount of resources to take out a city, space station, or even celestial body will make more sense. I think the best way to handle use of such weapons is similar to how EVE Online handles smartbombs and bubbles. When you are in "starter" systems, these weapons should not be able to
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