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  1. been trying for 15 days...
  2. Its been 15 days... still can't access my account. Support claims I need to repurchase but my credit card clearly states I purchased the game earlier for $60. The last thing I am going to do is buy the game AGAIN.
  3. The issue is not resolved I still cannot login. I have two tickets open. The first,for not being able to access the download link right after account creation while I was authenticated, is#18383. After I de-authenticated from the application and subsequently was no longer able to login without a 500 error I submitted #18381
  4. Hello All, I recently heard of the game so decided to check out the Alpha and support the development. Upon contributing I created an account and that when the circus began... First I couldn't login. I had to resend the activation code and reset the password. Okay finally authenticated time to download the game! .... or just get hit with a 403 page... after awhile I got the idea to log out. Well now I cannot even authenticate to the main web application https://www.dualthegame.com/en/ without getting a 500 error. So far the only thing that has worked was the taking my money part.
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