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  1. its not Du, its their payment processor, the worst and cheepest in the industry, Xsolla or whatever they are called.
  2. not buying anything is a strat decision, and im progressing fairly well tbh, i just have a decision to make now. btw i didnt say i wasnt selling stuff. another asumption. im just not buying. and i have several TCU's ready. theres nothing in this game i havent seen before elsewhere. just some odd design decisions, so just because i didnt start in alpha i wouldnt assume i have no idea what im doing. the game dev's also said there wouldnt be any automated mining, and its in the future roadmap now so i wouldnt worry so much about what the devs say , whatch what they do instead. i would put money on resources being changed to respawn rather than deplete.
  3. yea theres lots of considerations on each option, a lot of unknowns, im certain 100% tho that the current idea of ore not respawning isnt going to work. how will newbs without territory scanners know that the tile they settled on is allready mined out and abandoned ?
  4. Okies, Long one but here goes. I started the game about a week ago or so. I got a Sanc Territory Unit from joining early. So i assumed this was a good thing to use and setup on the sanc moon. This is now my main base and i get to work. a week later i realise that the resources in my tile are not infinite, even tho the way they respawn in makes it look like it is. im pretty much out of resources now down to about 1400m. early on, i decided to focus on building up industry, not to make a ship and not to buy anything. so i have around 20-30 diff factories and 6 ish Container M's full of stuff. The problem is obvious to the more experenced but as a cautionary tale i will elaborate. I cant expand to another tile near by as Sanc Territory cant be purchased. i need to leave the planet. I dont have a cargo ship, or any experence flying that i would be confident in shipping everything i own to a new place myself. What would you do:? A) Hitch a lift to another planet and start again, leaving all the stuff on sanc till a time when im able to collect myself ? b) pack all my stuff or the essencials into a large container hover vehicle and find someone willing to help me move ? c) stay where i am, and buy then upgrade a small cargo hauller to go on mining expeditions as needed to near by planets ? other options ?
  5. Eve online does it very well. and the PVE aspect is very often a catalyst for pvp to take place.
  6. no one said anything about getting rid of anything, just adding.
  7. Yep i noticed the bad attitudes allready. started my "kill on sight" list lol. not all self important wana be eliteists tho
  8. then you need to be able to upgrade cores
  9. having fun so far, not what i expected but its early i guess. just gona brain dump some stuff here. been playing mmo's for 20+ years. 1) Was constantly out of nanopack space. While crafting the basics for making cargo containers, which takes to long i was harvesting the rocks around me. i was constantly full from harvesting and waiting for stuff to build while having a full inv. only option was to alt tab out for a bit and do other stuff while waiting. The Balance here is off. either speed up the crafting of the xs and maybe s cargo containers. 2) First core i built was a dynamic xs, by mistake. had a load of cargo containers attached to it. ( attempt at base platform) when i realised the error i made a S static core and discovered i wouldnt find a way to change my base platform construct to a static, so i started building a new one. I then discovered that i couldnt move the M cargo container i bought to the new static platform base. or delete it and recover it. I think we need to be able to move plaved elements between constructs. 3) imho the game needs a starting path that isnt 100% forced to build and design stuff. In eve for example, most ppl do build but they dont start that way. exploration and combat against npc's should have a little more focus and a possible route to get into the game without becomming an Architect first. maybe ive misunderstood the intentions of the game but i thought it was a bit more "no mans sky" than "space engineers" more progression options = much larger potential player base. As is now, its a game for hardcore builders looking for complexity. ofc its early yet. 4) risk vs reward. remember the first time you played minecraft, the sun goes down and you franticly start trying to build shelter from everything that goes bump in the night, to then step outside at dawn and hear Ssssssssss Boom! the game needs more survival elements imho, food, drink, water , air. Dangerous NPC's to keep you on edge. compared to what you guys have achieved so far, it wouldnt be hard to implement. and AI npc's can provide a pathway for the explorers, fighters, traders to make a living and progress. 5) Consider adding a Qualirt of ore / material, that flows through to quality levels of produced elements that affect the stats of the element. adds a whole new level of gameplay in finding the best possible quality of materials to make the best quality gear. which will help the builders differentiate their wares from their competitors and allow "Brands" yes i played SWG 😛 nice job so far, espcially with the precision aspects of the code. but maybe needs a bit more time spent on "what will make it fun"
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