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  1. And you're trying to gloss over the fact that this money doesn't rly get them anywhere if you think a little further that makes 0 sense. It either gives you an advantage or it doesn't. I think we have established it does, infact give one an advantage. other wise no1 would buy them. Shark cards from GTA online, earned over a billion $ in the first year, was it a good move?.. thats a matter of perpective. from a gameplay point of view, not 1 bit. from a business point of view, can we do it again??? Example? as mentioned previously, Slavary. Someones whos choices are stop playing the game or work for some.. leaving the soul with little to no choice, which is degrading. Not to mention it doesnt benifit any1 if they do stop playing, in the long run. It's a callous model that favours making money rather than immersve game play. No, the normal sub is always an option and way cheaper. Dacs are only for ppl who want to play for free by earning quanta and paying their sub with dacs which they buy with ingame money i dont understand. Can you elaborate some more? like i get that everyone would rather play for free, which makes these Dac the only thing worth.. well anything!! which is why its so broken
  2. You're trying to gloss over the fact that RL money effects game play. There go pay to win. You've just proven my point and i quote, 'If they go to the ingame market, they need quanta. They get quanta by selling dacs on the market' also, from what i hear Dacs will be in your inventory, making them bartable, which opens up questionable moral implementations as well as p2w so the only tap/faucet is for people to buy 1 months, making the in game market for people who buy more than what they need. This game is starting to sound like a scam if what you're saying is true. Shocking. So shocking i think you might be mistaken
  3. Skip to 37:30 for context All things considered (and i know theres no 'end game' as such) if people can spend real money and convert it to in-game currency, that is broken. Even if the price in game will fluctuate and can possibly be worth less, it doesn't matter imo. Being crowd funded and all, just give the game free for a month and a set amount to buy the time coupons that ARE purchesed in-game with in-game currency. Baffles the mind Can any confirm this is still the idea
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