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  1. I will probably speak for nothing but i want to add a last word i allowed myself to suggest all of this because that is based on developed mechanics or almost. Using an engine to build or dig/mine can be see like industries with dynamic start or end point/engine that can be manipulated or remotely managed by player. With in addition changing instant create/remove behaviour by shape, material and tool capacity based action time. Players could start with a package : basic building engine, basic mining engine, small container, and a transporter (with fuel) to move all of this. Then go and improve. However Imo there is also an interest for pvp. I don't know how it will be implemented but i think there is a risk that battles seem like fortnite. Building a wall or diging tunel to escape an opponent by simply switching hand tool. Thought this may be prevented by replacing instant create/remove mechanics. Or by arbitrary disabling tools during battle. (edit : i forget that create cannot work because of the need of modul) I m curious to see how it will look like. ps : lets speculate little more. In place of disabling edit/write in an area, access can be managed by disabling/enabling engines if a player use these in a wrong place or on wrong structur, maybe with penalities. And pirates with their pirate industries could build their own illegal engines which could not be disabled. Of course possession or use of illegal engine should be detected and punished by the law. (maybe this can work in the hand tool case too)
  2. Maybe those things will be integrated in polishing dev phase. It would be great. In my case i would like more... nanobots embarrasse me a little. But it's ok sandbox is the aim of the game. Hardening player creation is not the purpose even if i see big interest in this and if they seem to have a great basis to do this.
  3. @Haunty yes immersion doesn't equals realisme. You re right. But do not adding some physical constraint or visible engines or animation when you edit the world might tell you that this world is editable like you are in a collaborative 3D software. This is just how it can appears to some people. This can break immersion imo and remove a possible depth in the game play. You said that it's explained in the lore. So it s a dev choice and i m a little off topic. @Annabella i take back what i said about transposing object with a click. Yes you don't have to represent all micro interactions. And for what you said about reality maybe if i could build my spaceship and explore the universe i would not need to play video game anymore
  4. No i didn't read or see all posts. Thanks for the answer and for the links. this kind of hand tool is what i call magic. And in this video the player seems to have 64m3 of mineral in its inventory or it is in the container. Magic appears too when a simple click transpose materials from inventory to the container. but yes i know that it is an alpha and my purpose is about knowing the development direction concerning immersive aspects. So i will follow your links and see what they mean when they talk about engines and tools.
  5. This topic is about sandbox and realistic/immersive game play. Based on what i could see in showcases and forums. I don't know if the game aims to be immersive or have some realistic aspect (like some sci fi games). It would be great imo but maybe it s not its goal. I want to talk about immersion. I like sandbox and liberty in game play but i think playing a man who can dig tunel easily or build massive structurs at a distance with a snap of his fingers or transport 500 kg of silver in its bag or levitate without consuming fuel, break some powerful interest. I m just wondering if it can be a sort of interface between these capabilities and the player. Maybe digging, building, transport (i think transport is already limited but i don't know if it is in realistic way) can be achieved with some engines builded or bought for each task. I don't talk about rework the game play, just about add a sort of tool limitation/mediation. About not permitting poping column with magic. I see many way to integrate this. And I think it will be great for immersion and role playing and even player skills/specialisations. And will create lots of collabarative game play pretexts. For example what about the need of putting and using some tools in an airshed for building spacehips in place of creating them in levitation anywhere. So the player has to create its own before or ask another player who has one or use/rent a precreated place... then transports materials etc... Sorry if all of this is already in the roadmap or discussed somewherelse or if it 's off topic.
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