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  1. discordauth:UPz5mvp_UA4YNpUmJZ_Pbtr_5LtivgD0WakVOMxQp98=

  2. I see, just took a quick look at the project page... Looks promising though! Thanks, I'm sure I will come there someday yeah^^
  3. Yep Thanks! Looks very interesting! But I'm not far enough into the game to think about travelling to space😅
  4. Thanks! Actually the name is not meant to represent that Gilgamesh... It should represent the Gilgamesh from the Fate Animes😁
  5. These foolish humans are even more easily deluded these days... Before I used to rent a couple enslaved hoomans to solve the Captchas for me... Now I just need to copy the text from another post to disguise my robotic nature and get access to all the NDA content... Wait what is accessing my memory? Hey! What are you going to do with all that data???? Don't put this online! Robots enjoy privacy of thought too!
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