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  1. It took 9 days to reply to my support ticket.... fyi (thx gary)
  2. Forget it, might as well just keep the game I suppose. Still sucks that support couldn't reply (even if on holiday) that's the cost of running a business. But consider this devs: if your going to be "out of the office" you might want to inform those in need of support that your not going to respond in a timely manner in the future.
  3. I have put a support ticket (#12682) in and I have posted on your facebook wall. Can I please have a refund? It's been 5 days now with zero replies etc... We had a large house expense that was unexpected and sudden. I'll be glad to re-pledge once the game fully releases. Thank you
  4. Just killin some time until I can actually play the game, just threw my pledge in last night so......now i wait. Would of loved to give that ship builder contest a go but sadly i just got the game haha Either way, looking forward to seeing you cruising the infinite!
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