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  1. I was able to get back on and mine there. Seems to be resolved.
  2. Hi guys, anyone else having this problem? I've scanned 60 tiles and hit 1 cryolite node that was only 1700L. It is supposed to be on average 1 per tile. Is this a bug?
  3. Hi guys, anybody else having issues with Jago? i flew there today and now i am unable to play. Everytime i login i crash at 72% load screen. I thought maybe this is an issue with my PC so i tried on another PC and still had the same issue. Also i logged on my PC to another account and didnt have any issues on alioth. I am pretty much screwed until this is resolved sadly.



  5. Hello all! Just purchased DU last week. Had a small window of time to play last week so got SOME idea of whats going on now. I am looking for a group to join up with that plays late night 9 PM PST - 2 AM PST. If that works with anyones org or just small group id love to join up with you.
  6. discordauth:x1tor0_iHuiv-cxVHFGygiM-e93ZshXN1r8o3x7WZhI=

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