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  1. @JayleBreak again, there are a lot of ways to limit it to a good extent.
  2. @Lethys yes, the danger of people building incredibly fast ships could exist, but again, you can somehow limit this. with my idea, the ships with regular motors would be detected fast, maybe the level of being detected could even multiply with the amount of thrusters, and they always could allow ramming to a certain point. about the turrets, you're absolutely right, i'm sorry i examined that topic, but when i found out about it, it was already to late. about the thing with bombs, why would they become less expensive? in our modern world, only very few countries have nuclear weapons, and these weapons are easier to build in our world because of such things as uranium, and incredibly complex physics and chemistry. now, in dual universe, which has a fairly simple physique and almost no chemistry, a weapon of mass destruction could be only achieved trough a lot of ressources or some kind of exploit. Again, we both can't be really sure what is possible and what not and we should wait for an reply from an admin.
  3. About the invisible bombers, i don't think it would be a huge problem, when people create a strong weapon, people will create strong defenses. again, i take SE for instance, there people created special walls that let almost all weapons bounce off. Sure, it would always depend on your budget, but i think that would be really great. it would force people to join massive alliances and factions. Now, not every of these unions will be an authoritarian regime that gives their people no freedom, until now there isn't a faction that isn't giving their people a lot of opportunities, and it probably won't change because every person would just quit at that point. and i don't think being part of a giant battle fleet make you feel very bad. And there still will be small independent factions, they would just work differently.
  4. i am only talking about space fighting. i think it would be a missed opportunity to not allow ramming damage and building your own missiles. the effect of these would just be that the people would need to build very versatile fleets and would have to adjust them to the specific era and enemy. let's take a look at space engineers, which doesn't have these limitations. people built incredible machines and weapons, though with differencating usefulness, it still is amazing what things players invented. here some examples: saw missile orbital cannon grappling ship now, i can understand why you chose to not give players the opportunity to build weapons by themselves, there is the chance that players will invent a weapon of mass destruction, and as you noted before, you don't want a planet killer because it just would be unfair living independently on that planet and just getting nuked. Even though you maybe could invent something like an atom bomb, i don't think it will get used, because a, the mere cost of such a weapon, and b, it wouldn't be worth it bombing away so much just to destroy one single enemy faction. it would be a move just to show power, something a warmongering faction would do, and till now, to my knowledge there aren't any communities that aren't rather civilized. Now i come to my second point, turrets. in the past you said you would let bots control the turrets and let them shoot. again, i can see your point, with the small ships simply being to fast. my idea is that there are different types of motors/thrusters. there are the normal ones, which are more sensitive and explode easier, but are faster, and the war motors, which are slower and more expensive, but can take more pressure. if that isn't enough, my additional idea would be that warships radiate a special energy field that makes ships with normal motors slow way down (except allied ones who've been given the allowance to fly with regular speed). the ability to place a lot of war motors on one small ship could be limited by them getting really hot so placing them next to each other would also make them overheat and explode. I apologize if i said anything stupid, after all, i am not able to play the alpha right now, and i apologize for my weird writing style, English is not my native language.
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